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About Rubtech Mech (INDIA) LLP

Our composite Rubber Balls aren't just compliant with stringent regulations like US FDA 21, EU, and Japan Food Regulations; they exceed expectations. Rigorously tested by SGS and Japan Polymer Analytical and Research Laboratory India Pvt. Ltd., these balls offer exceptional functionality and enduring performance. Ideal for various materials from grain flours to pharmaceutical bulk drugs, they are meticulously designed for screening minerals and abrasive materials.
Our Composite Rubber balls deliver exceptional functionality and longevity, perfect for a wide array of uses including grain flours, coffee powder, salt, protein powder, milk powder, spices, and Pharmaceutical bulk drugs. Moreover, these specially designed balls are adept at screening minerals, abrasive materials like mortars and construction materials, and wear parts such as Rubber liners for ball mills. This specialized capability comes from extensive research and a uniquely crafted recipe tailored for high abrasion applications.

At the heart of this expertise lies Mr. Daljit Singh, a seasoned expert in Rubber Science and process engineering. His journey from a small unit manufacturing carbon seal rings to diversifying into rubber molded parts speaks volumes. With a background in rubber technology from IRI in 1976 and an extensive study of technological literature, Mr. Singh has honed his expertise in compound designing. His wealth of knowledge expanded through workshops, seminars, and hands-on experience in carbons and minerals, culminating in a deep understanding of rubber compound designing principles. This journey led to successful project execution for critical applications, paving the way for supplying Tier 1 OEM suppliers in the US and Europe.


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Sieving is required in order to make sure that undesired particles are not entering together with main product into production cycle. In specific industries like food, this application follows law requirements concerning food production safety. In other industries, like 3D printing, this application is necessary in order to guarantee final component quality


Sieving can be an interesting option in order to identify and create different valuable products starting from a bulk ingredient. Particle dimensions can play a role in food, metal powder, construction and many other industries, where each product extracted from bulk can correspond to a different market opportunity.


The circular economy concept is triggering industries to rethink their production process and find ways to make it more sustainable; within this context, sieving can be a good opportunity to extract valuable product from waste and transform it into a new opportunity as a new product to be used or sold.

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