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Cereal Industry

Cereal Industry

The cereal industry is a prominent sector of the food industry, focusing on the production and marketing of breakfast cereals. It offers a wide range of cereal products, including flakes, puffs, granola, and oatmeal. Major players in the industry compete through product innovation, branding, and marketing strategies to attract consumers. Our rubber products play various roles in the cereal industry, including in the processing and packaging of cereals.

Here are some common rubber components used in the cereal industry:

Sieve Cleaning Ball: A sieve cleaning ball is a rubber ball used to clean sieves or screens in cereal processing equipment. It is typically made of food-grade rubber and helps remove debris and particles from the sieves, ensuring efficient and uninterrupted production.

Rubber Ball: Our Rubber balls are used in cereal processing machinery to facilitate the movement of grains or cereals. They can be used for agitation, sieving, or conveying purposes, helping to improve the efficiency of the production process.

Barrel-Shaped Sieve Cleaning Ball: Similar to the sieve cleaning ball, the barrel-shaped sieve cleaning ball is designed to clean sieves or screens effectively. Its shape allows it to roll smoothly across the surface of the sieve, effectively removing any impurities.

Lift Rubber Sleeve: Our Lift rubber sleeves are used in equipment such as elevators or conveyor systems to provide a protective cover for the lifting mechanism. They help prevent contamination of cereals and ensure smooth and safe transportation.

Air Lock Rubber Sleeve: In cereal processing systems, air locks are used to control the flow of air and prevent the entry of contaminants. Rubber sleeves are often used in air locks to create a tight seal and maintain the integrity of the system.

Rubber Ring: Our Rubber rings are commonly used as seals or gaskets in cereal processing equipment. They provide a secure and leak-proof connection between different components, such as pipes, valves, or containers.

Anti-Vibration Mount: Cereal processing machinery can generate significant vibrations during operation. Anti-vibration mounts, usually made of rubber, are used to absorb and dampen these vibrations, reducing noise and preventing damage to the equipment.

Rubber Inspection Cap: Our Rubber inspection caps are used to seal openings or access points in equipment, allowing for easy inspection, maintenance, or cleaning. They provide a removable barrier while maintaining a tight seal when closed.

Inspection Cap with Knob Lock: Similar to the rubber inspection cap, the inspection cap with a knob lock offers the additional feature of a locking mechanism. It ensures a secure closure and prevents accidental opening during operation.

Rubber Cube Role: While not specific to the cereal industry, rubber cubes can be used in various applications, including in cereal processing. They can serve as vibration dampeners, support elements, or as part of conveying systems.

These rubber components are essential in ensuring the efficiency, hygiene, and smooth operation of cereal processing equipment in the industry.


Why our Products used in Cereal Industry ?

  • The resilience of our balls are exceptional, thus it leads to an extra yield of the sieving process
  • Our food grade rubber balls are made out of non-toxic chemicals
  • The abrasion resistance is very high, thus the wear rate is minimal, leading to enhanced service life
  • Our rubber ball cleaners are also fully fat resistance
  • High Performance and cost saving innovatively designed rubber ball sieve cleaners

Destoners are commonly used in the Cereal Industry. Destoners are specialized machines designed to remove stones, rocks, and other foreign materials from grains and cereals. In the cereal processing industry, destoners play a crucial role in ensuring the quality and safety of the final cereal products. By separating and eliminating unwanted impurities, destoners help prevent damage to processing equipment and ensure that only clean and safe grains are used in cereal production. They contribute to enhancing the overall efficiency of the cereal manufacturing process and maintaining the desired standards of quality and purity

Products :
Rubber Ball 16mm, 24mm, 26mm,30mm,32mm,35mm and 40mm, Drum Shape/Damru
Rubber Cube 20mm, 20mm, 20mm
Anti Vibration Mount 100mm*90mm 2. 96mm*96mm 3. 65mm*100mm
De-Stoner Rubber (Sleeve/Bag) 150mm*Length 265mm
Rubber Sleeve (Airlock / Lift) 75mm, 88mm, 100mm, 113mm, 150mm and 190mm
Rubber Ring Suction Cup