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Flour Industry

Flour Industry

The flour industry produces flour, a staple ingredient used in baking and cooking. It involves processing cereal grains, such as wheat, into powdered form. Flour is versatile and used in a wide range of food products, including bread, pastries, pasta, and more.We play an essential role in the flour industry by providing various rubber-based products that are used for different purposes.

Here are some key roles of our company products in the flour industry:

Sieve Cleaning Ball: Our Sieve cleaning balls are used to effectively clean sieves in the flour industry, dislodging and removing particles and debris that can impact the sieving process.

Rubber Ball: Our Rubber balls are utilized in the flour industry for various purposes, including cleaning equipment surfaces, preventing blockages, and reducing noise and vibrations.

Barrel Shaped Sieve Cleaning Ball: Specifically designed for cleaning sieves, barrel-shaped cleaning balls roll smoothly over the sieve surface, dislodging particles and ensuring thorough cleaning.

Rubber Sleeve: Our Rubber sleeves serve multiple roles in the flour industry, including dust containment, abrasion resistance, impact absorption, and protection against chemicals or temperature fluctuations.

Lift Rubber Sleeve: Our Lift rubber sleeves provide a sealed enclosure for vertical lift systems, containing and protecting materials during transportation to prevent contamination and reduce wear.

Air Lock Rubber Sleeve: Our Air lock rubber sleeves are used in pneumatic conveying systems to maintain an airtight seal and prevent the escape of air or materials during the transfer process.

Rubber Ring: Our Rubber rings are commonly used as seals or gaskets in flour mills and processing equipment to ensure airtight connections, prevent leaks, and maintain hygiene and sanitation standards.

Anti-vibration Mount: Our Anti-vibration mounts are crucial in the flour industry to reduce vibrations and minimize the impact of machinery on the surrounding environment, improving equipment performance and reducing noise levels.

Rubber Inspection Cap: Our Rubber inspection caps provide easy access points for inspection or maintenance of equipment and machinery in the flour industry, ensuring smooth operations and efficient troubleshooting.

Inspection Cap with Knob Lock: Our Inspection caps with knob locks offer a secure and convenient closure for equipment inspection points, allowing for quick and easy access while maintaining a tight seal to prevent dust or contamination.

Rubber Cube: Our Rubber cubes are used in the flour industry for various applications, including as spacers, vibration dampers, or as components in machinery or equipment that require cushioning or shock absorption properties.

These rubber products and components play essential roles in maintaining efficiency, cleanliness, safety, and proper functioning in flour mills and grain processing facilities.



Why our Products used in Flour Industry ?

  • The resilience of our balls are exceptional, thus it leads to an extra yield of the sieving process
  • Our food grade rubber balls are made out of non-toxic chemicals
  • The abrasion resistance is very high, thus the wear rate is minimal, leading to enhanced service life
  • Our rubber ball cleaners are also fully fat resistance
  • High Performance and cost saving innovatively designed rubber ball sieve cleaners

The flour mill plan sifter is a crucial equipment in the flour industry, offering precise sifting and classification of flour particles. This machine efficiently separates different particle sizes, ensuring consistent flour quality and texture. With its advanced design and functionality, the flour mill plan sifter enhances the efficiency of flour production, meeting industry standards and delivering high-quality flour products.

Products :
Rubber Ball 16mm, 24mm, 26mm,30mm,32mm,35mm and 40mm, Drum Shape/Damru
Rubber Cube 20mm, 20mm, 20mm
Anti Vibration Mount 100mm*90mm 2. 96mm*96mm 3. 65mm*100mm
De-Stoner Rubber (Sleeve/Bag) 150mm*Length 265mm
Rubber Sleeve (Airlock / Lift) 75mm, 88mm, 100mm, 113mm, 150mm and 190mm
Rubber Ring Suction Cup