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Malt Industry

Malt Industry

The malt industry is involved in the production and processing of malt, a key ingredient in the brewing and distilling industries. Malt is produced by germinating cereal grains, primarily barley, and then drying and kilning them. It provides enzymes and fermentable sugars necessary for fermentation, flavor, and color development in beer and whiskey production. Our rubber products have various applications in the malt industry, supporting the processing and handling of malt.

Here are some rubber components commonly used in the malt industry:

Sieve Cleaning Ball: Our Rubber sieve cleaning balls are used to clean sieves or screens in malt processing equipment. They help remove debris and ensure efficient separation and sizing of malt particles.

Rubber Ball: Our Rubber balls are employed in malt processing machinery for tasks such as mixing, blending, or agitation. They aid in the movement and processing of malt, improving efficiency and achieving uniform mixing.

Barrel-Shaped Sieve Cleaning Ball: Our Barrel-shaped sieve cleaning balls are specifically designed to clean sieves or screens in malt processing. Their shape allows for effective rolling and dislodging of any malt residues or impurities.

Rubber Sleeve: Our Rubber sleeves are used to provide protective covers in malt processing equipment, such as mixers or containers. They help prevent contamination and maintain hygiene standards during processing.

Lift Rubber Sleeve: Our Lift rubber sleeves can be utilized in malt processing equipment like elevators or conveyors to protect the lifting mechanism and ensure the safe transportation of malt.

Air Lock Rubber Sleeve: Our Air lock rubber sleeves are employed in malt processing systems to seal air locks and prevent the entry of contaminants. They maintain an airtight seal and ensure the integrity of the processing equipment.

Rubber Ring: Our Rubber rings serve as seals or gaskets in malt processing equipment. They create a secure and leak-proof connection between different components, such as pipes, valves, or containers, preventing leakage and maintaining operational efficiency.

Anti-Vibration Mount: Malt processing machinery, such as mills or crushers, can generate vibrations during operation. Anti-vibration mounts made of rubber help absorb and dampen these vibrations, reducing noise and protecting the equipment.

Rubber Inspection Cap: Our Rubber inspection caps are used to seal openings or access points in malt processing equipment. They allow for easy inspection, maintenance, or cleaning while providing a secure seal to prevent malt spillage.

Inspection Cap with Knob Lock: Our Inspection caps with knob locks offer a secure closure mechanism in malt processing equipment. They prevent accidental opening during operation, ensuring safety and preventing contamination.

Rubber Cube Role: Our Rubber cubes find various applications in the malt industry, such as vibration dampeners, support elements, or part of conveying systems for malt.

These rubber components play important roles in ensuring efficient and hygienic malt processing, protecting equipment, and maintaining the quality and integrity of the malt throughout the production process.


Why our Products used in Malt Industry ?

  • The resilience of our balls are exceptional, thus it leads to an extra yield of the sieving process
  • Our food grade rubber balls are made out of non-toxic chemicals
  • The abrasion resistance is very high, thus the wear rate is minimal, leading to enhanced service life
  • Our rubber ball cleaners are also fully fat resistance
  • High Performance and cost saving innovatively designed rubber ball sieve cleaners

The De-stoner machine plays a vital role in the Malt industry, ensuring pristine quality by effectively removing stones and heavy impurities from malted grains. By utilizing advanced airflow and gravity techniques, it guarantees clean, safe, and high-quality malt for brewing and other applications. The De-stoner machine is an indispensable tool in maintaining the purity and excellence of malt, contributing to the production of exceptional malt-based products.

Products :
Rubber Ball 16mm, 24mm, 26mm,30mm,32mm,35mm and 40mm, Drum Shape/Damru
Rubber Cube 20mm, 20mm, 20mm
Anti Vibration Mount 100mm*90mm 2. 96mm*96mm 3. 65mm*100mm
De-Stoner Rubber (Sleeve/Bag) 150mm*Length 265mm
Rubber Sleeve (Airlock / Lift) 75mm, 88mm, 100mm, 113mm, 150mm and 190mm
Rubber Ring Suction Cup