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Mining Industry

Mining Industry

The mining industry involves the extraction and processing of valuable minerals and resources from the Earth. It plays a crucial role in supplying raw materials for various industries, including construction, manufacturing, energy, and technology. Mining operations can include underground or surface mining methods, depending on the resource being extracted. We play an essential role in the mining industry, various rubber products play important roles in different applications.

Here is a summary of the roles of these rubber products in the mining industry:

Sieve Cleaning Ball: Our Sieve cleaning balls are utilized to clean and unclog sieves and screens used in mining operations, ensuring efficient material separation and preventing blockages.

Rubber Ball: Our Rubber balls are employed in mining processes for tasks such as cleaning equipment surfaces, preventing material blockages, and reducing noise and vibration levels.

Barrel Shaped Sieve Cleaning Ball: Our Barrel-shaped cleaning balls are specifically designed to clean and remove particles from sieves and screens in mining operations, improving the efficiency of material classification.

Rubber Sleeve: Our Rubber sleeves are used in the mining industry for applications such as sealing, protection against abrasion and impact, vibration absorption, and preventing dust or material leakage.

Lift Rubber Sleeve: Our Lift rubber sleeves provide protective enclosures for lifting mechanisms used in mining operations, ensuring safe material transport and preventing contamination or spillage.

Air Lock Rubber Sleeve: Our Air lock rubber sleeves are employed in pneumatic conveying systems in mining to maintain airtight seals, prevent air or material leakage, and facilitate efficient material transfer.

Rubber Ring: Our Rubber rings serve as seals or gaskets in mining equipment, providing a secure and reliable barrier against leaks, dust ingress, and fluid or gas containment.

Anti-vibration Mount: Our Anti-vibration mounts are used in mining machinery and equipment to dampen vibrations, reduce noise, and minimize the impact of machinery operation on surrounding structures.

Rubber Inspection Cap: Our Rubber inspection caps provide access points for inspections and maintenance in mining equipment, allowing for easy monitoring and servicing of critical components.

Inspection Cap with Knob Lock: Our Inspection caps with knob locks offer secure closures for access points in mining equipment, ensuring easy opening and closing for inspection while maintaining a tight seal against contaminants.

Rubber Cube: Our Rubber cubes find applications in the mining industry as buffers, shock absorbers, or spacers, providing cushioning and protection against impacts and vibrations in machinery and structures.

These rubber products play vital roles in enhancing operational efficiency, safety, and equipment maintenance in the mining industry, contributing to the smooth and productive operation of mining processes.


Why our Products used in Mining Industry ?

  • The resilience of our balls are exceptional, thus it leads to an extra yield of the sieving process
  • Our food grade rubber balls are made out of non-toxic chemicals
  • The abrasion resistance is very high, thus the wear rate is minimal, leading to enhanced service life
  • Our rubber ball cleaners are also fully fat resistance
  • High Performance and cost saving innovatively designed rubber ball sieve cleaners

Rubber sleeve balls can be used in packaging machines to help prevent the flour from sticking to the sides of the packaging. This can help to improve the efficiency of the packaging process and reduce waste.

Products :
Rubber Ball 16mm, 24mm, 26mm,30mm,32mm,35mm and 40mm, Drum Shape/Damru
Rubber Cube 20mm, 20mm, 20mm
Anti Vibration Mount 100mm*90mm 2. 96mm*96mm 3. 65mm*100mm
De-Stoner Rubber (Sleeve/Bag) 150mm*Length 265mm
Rubber Sleeve (Airlock / Lift) 75mm, 88mm, 100mm, 113mm, 150mm and 190mm
Rubber Ring Suction Cup