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Edible Oil Industry

Edible Oil Industry

The edible oil industry focuses on the production, processing, and distribution of oils that are safe and suitable for consumption. It involves extracting oil from various sources, such as seeds, fruits, or nuts. Edible oils are used in cooking, baking, frying, and as ingredients in various food products. In the edible oil industry, our various rubber products serve important functions in different applications.

Here is a summary of the roles of these rubber products in the edible oil industry:

Sieve Cleaning Ball: Our Sieve cleaning balls are used to clean and remove impurities from sieves and screens in the edible oil production process, ensuring efficient filtration and maintaining product quality.

Rubber Ball: Our Rubber balls are utilized for cleaning and unclogging equipment surfaces, such as pipes and tanks, preventing blockages and facilitating smooth oil flow during processing.

Barrel Shaped Sieve Cleaning Ball: Our Barrel-shaped cleaning balls are specifically designed for cleaning sieves and screens, ensuring thorough removal of particles and maintaining optimal filtration performance in edible oil production.

Rubber Sleeve: Our Rubber sleeves are used in the edible oil industry for applications like sealing connections, protecting against abrasion and impact, preventing leaks, and maintaining hygiene and safety standards.

Lift Rubber Sleeve: Our Lift rubber sleeves provide a sealed enclosure for vertical lift systems used in edible oil processing, ensuring safe and contamination-free transportation of oil within the facility.

Air Lock Rubber Sleeve: Our Air lock rubber sleeves are employed in pneumatic conveying systems to maintain airtight seals, preventing air or oil leakage during the transfer of oil and minimizing the risk of contamination.

Rubber Ring: Our Rubber rings serve as seals or gaskets in edible oil equipment, ensuring leak-proof connections, preventing oil leakage, and maintaining sanitary conditions throughout the production process.

Anti-vibration Mount: Our Anti-vibration mounts are crucial in the edible oil industry to reduce vibrations and minimize the impact of machinery on the surrounding environment, ensuring smooth and efficient oil processing operations.

Rubber Inspection Cap: Our Rubber inspection caps provide access points for inspections, maintenance, or sampling in equipment and storage tanks, facilitating routine checks and ensuring the integrity of the edible oil production process.

Inspection Cap with Knob Lock: Our Inspection caps with knob locks offer secure closures for access points, enabling easy opening and closing during inspections, while maintaining a tight seal to prevent oil contamination or leaks.

Rubber Cube: Our Rubber cubes find applications in the edible oil industry as vibration dampers, spacers, or shock absorbers in equipment and machinery, ensuring stable operation and minimizing the risk of damage or disruption.

These rubber products play critical roles in maintaining efficient and hygienic operations, ensuring the quality and purity of edible oil products, and promoting workplace safety in the edible oil industry.


Why our Products used in Edible Oil Industry ?

  • The resilience of our balls are exceptional, thus it leads to an extra yield of the sieving process
  • Our food grade rubber balls are made out of non-toxic chemicals
  • The abrasion resistance is very high, thus the wear rate is minimal, leading to enhanced service life
  • Our rubber ball cleaners are also fully fat resistance
  • High Performance and cost saving innovatively designed rubber ball sieve cleaners

Rubber balls play a vital role in the Edible Oil Industry, acting as effective cleaning agents in various equipment and systems. Their flexibility and resilience allow them to remove contaminants, such as sediments and residues, from tanks, pipelines, and filters, ensuring high-quality and hygienic production processes.

Products :
Rubber Ball 16mm, 24mm, 26mm,30mm,32mm,35mm and 40mm, Drum Shape/Damru
Rubber Cube 20mm, 20mm, 20mm
Anti Vibration Mount 100mm*90mm 2. 96mm*96mm 3. 65mm*100mm
De-Stoner Rubber (Sleeve/Bag) 150mm*Length 265mm
Rubber Sleeve (Airlock / Lift) 75mm, 88mm, 100mm, 113mm, 150mm and 190mm
Rubber Ring Suction Cup